Quartz Chalet Cuckoo Clock with Beer Drinker & Dog


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( 29 cm 11.4″) This original Black Forest Cuckoo clock highlights the rustic charm of the classic chalet style. Beneath the gabled shingled roof, the cuckoo emerges from its door, surrounded by an intricately carved trim motif. The chalet’s appearance itself features an array of quaint details, such as a wooden plank front with green shuttered windows, and a stone wall design at the bottom. At the base of the clock, a man dressed in traditional lederhosen attire is seated at a small table. As the music plays, he raises his glass of beer up and down. Keeping watch across him, stands his trusty dog. The scene is further complimented by the details of a wooden fence, barrels, and fir trees. The cuckoo door opens on the hour and the cuckoo firsts “tweets”, followed by its call which echoes, telling the number of the hour. Afterwards one of the 12 alternating melodies are played during the music, the beer drinker raises his glass up and down. On the side you will find a switch to turn off the music separately, or both the cuckoo and the music. There is also a light sensor in the clock which turns off the cuckoo and music automatically after dark, although the clock keeps running. This clock uses three size C batteries (not included) This clock also comes with a mechanical movement 1104/9

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Quartz battery







M (26-35cm)


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