Chalet Style Cuckoo Clock with Owls


20 cm (8″) This Cuckoo Clock is in the Chalet style and features an owl couple surrounded with pine trees. The roof is beautifully crafted with grey-stained wooden shingles, and trimmed in a contrasting red edging. The wooden casing is lovingly decorated with Edelweiss flowers, rounded lattice windows with green heart shutters and little flower boxes, as well as a depicted stone wall on the bottom of the house front. The in-built wooden cuckoo of this clock calls the time each hour and once at half past through a door that opens. The clockface, numbers and hands are also made of wood.  It also has a manual night shut-off switch. This particular clock needs to be wound once a day and does not include music.

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1-day mechanical





S (19-25cm)


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