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Just 10 years after August Schwer started producing his cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest, “Romba” clocks began production in 1894. Now in its fourth generation of the family business, Rombach and Haas, located in Schonach as are Anton Schneider, are well known for their innovative cuckoo clocks which still maintain the high quality of workmanship from previous generations.

Their ‘shield’ clocks are all hand painted often by Conny Haas herself. They include scenes of family, military emblems, hunting and many more –  often only limited by the imagination of the painters themselves. They can of course, be hand painted to customers own personal requirements. Many of the Romach and Haas cuckoo clocks feature beautiful enamel dials and intricate marquetry with every attention being paid to detail.

A particularly beautiful Rombach cuckoo clock features a singing bird which has tail feathers and beak moving as he sings. Rombach and Haas have enjoyed the recognition of being the ‘number one’ in their particular category of “specialized Black Forest cuckoo clock.”

There are now some 13,500 men and women involved in the art of cuckoo clock manufacture in the villages around the Triberg region of Germany alone. Many of these workers produce the pieces which go to make up the cuckoo clocks in their own homes and the cuckoo clocks are then assembled in the workshops.

If you want to be guaranteed a quality cuckoo clock, look for the VdS sign and you will be assured that the cuckoo clock you are buying has been produced by a quality producer in the Black Forest region of Germany.