Cuckoo Clock Repairs Manchester, UK

If you have a cuckoo clock in need of some TLC, please feel free to contact us to find out more about our repair service. Our workshop is in Manchester but we serve the whole of the UK.

We are the UK service agent for Black Forest manufacturers Hönes, Anton Schneider, Rombach & Haas and Hekas, if you have bought one of these manufacturers’ clocks in the last 24 months and it needs repairing under warranty then get in touch. We also repair other manufacturers cuckoo clocks, but only the companies above under warranty.

The time needed to repair a cuckoo clock varies greatly. Some problems are relatively simple to solve, while others may require taking the movement out of the clock, total cleaning and then replacing the movement after failing parts have been replaced. We then put the clock on ‘test’ to ensure that the problems have been fully resolved.

Before calling us, you may wish to watch the short videos below to help you fix common problems yourself.

Why is my cuckoo clock not working?

My cuckoo clock has a problem with its hands

The music is not working on my cuckoo clock

How to pack your cuckoo clock