Chalet Style Quartz Cuckoo Clock


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A beautiful cuckoo clock for a child’s bedroom! This clock measures just 8″ (20cm) but definitely has the ‘aahh’ factor. With a hand carved wooden case it features a small girl with geese at her feet and a dog. It has a plastic cuckoo who pops out of plastic doors to call the number of hours. After the cuckoo has called, 1 of several tunes plays including ‘Sound of Silence’ ‘Oh My Darlin’ Clementine’ and ‘Happy Wanderer’. The music can be turned off independently of the clock being turned off. The weights are metal though they are only for the appearance of the clock. The cuckoo call has a woodland noise background and will enchant children of all ages. This cuckoo clock is operated by LR14 batteries.

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Quartz battery




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