Chalet Style Quartz Cuckoo Clock


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31cm (12″) This is a musical quartz cuckoo clock from the Hones workshop in the black forest in Germany. The hand painted figures and detail on this clock are all wood including the hands. The doors and the cuckoo are however made of plastic. The cuckoo calls with a woodland noise background on the hour. The dancing figurines rotate on a platform as the music plays. There are several pre-recorded tunes including the traditional Eidelweiss and Happy Wanderer. The young couple turn their heads to each other and kiss as the music plays and the water wheel rotates. The music and cuckoo can be turned off at any time. There is a light sensor which means the cuckoo is quiet during the hours of darkness. This clock is operated by LR14 batteries (not included).

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Quartz battery






M (26-35cm)



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