Chalet Style Cuckoo Clock with Clock Seller and Dog


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26cm (10.24″) This cuckoo clock is a typical Black Forest House with a shingled roof. A hand carved clock carrier is coming to visit along with his faithful dog. On his back, he is carrying his clocks all over the forest. The house front is wonderfully decorated with many handcrafted wooden elements, including a painted water trough, a pine tree, and miniature balconies below the lattice windows with red shutters and little painted flower boxes. The lower part of the house front is a wooden depicted stone wall, which provides a beautiful contrast to the rest of the clock. The base underneath the clockface is adorned with a wooden edelweiss flower. The solid-wood cuckoo bird calls every half hour with the correct number on the hour and once every half hour. This clock has a manual night switch off. The mechanical clockwork runs for a day. The wooden clockface has wooden numerals and hand carved wooden clock hands.

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1-day mechanical



M (26-35cm)




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