Chalet style quartz cuckoo clock with moving beer drinker and water wheel


Chalet style quartz cuckoo clock

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This clock features a traditional public house with bell tower, the waitress carries a stein of beer to her customer both dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes. The house front is decorated with filigree gables, lattice windows with curtains and shutters, and a stone wall. In front of the house, there are pine trees, a water wheel, a wood stack and a picnic bench. The cuckoo door opens on the hour and the cuckoo firsts “tweets”, followed by its call which Echoes, telling the number of the hour. Afterwards one of the 12 alternating melodies are played. On the side you will find a switch to turn off the music separately, or both the cuckoo and the music. Through a light sensor the clock is automatically turns these off after dark, however, the clock keeps running. This clock is run by a quartz battery clockwork that runs on three 1,5V batteries – Size C (not included).

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Clock type

Quartz battery







M (26-35cm)


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