Chalet Style Cuckoo Clock with Grandma and Grandpa


27cm (11″) This lovely Cuckoo Clock represents a genuine, high quality hand-crafted Black Forest cuckoo clock. The clock portrays a delightful scene in the Bavarian countryside, featuring a chalet house with a unique facade consisting of both brick and wood with half-timbered sections and a shingled roof that is coloured red. The house front has many loving details, including a wooden balcony with contrasting wood stains, as well as a whitewash front with a depicted stone wall on the bottom part of the house. The miniature lattice windows are lovingly decorated with green heart-shutters and colourful flower boxes. On the base of the house is a grandma and grandpa sitting on a bench to the right and a dog sitting next to a pile of logs to the left. To either side is a pine tree. Clockface, numbers and hands are all made of wood. The in-built cuckoo of this clock calls the time each hour and once at half past through a door that opens, with a manual shut-off mode. This particular clock needs to be wound once a day and does not include music.

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1-day mechanical





M (26-35cm)


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